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Athletics Announce Uniform Change for Sacramento Shift, Las Vegas Design Process Underway – SportsLogos.Net News

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The President of the Oakland Athletics gave the world an update about the future of the team’s uniforms as the club prepares for a chaotic few seasons.

Speaking with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, A’s president Dave Kaval said the club has already begun the process of developing the team’s uniforms for their Las Vegas début (scheduled for 2028).

“We’re starting that with Nike and with the league because it takes a couple of years to get that figured out,” Kaval told the Review-Journal. “Our marketing team is working on that.”

A couple of years? Makes me wonder if this is more than a simple “Oakland”-“Las Vegas” scripted wordmark swap. Hmm…

But that’s 2028. What about 2025?! What are the plans for when the team moves to Sacramento for next season, as well as the 2026 and 2027 seasons?

Fortunately, that was also addressed:

When the team is playing at its interim home in California’s capital city, it will not have a area designation. To that, the players’ jerseys will read the same no matter where they are playing during those three seasons.

“In Sacramento we’ll be playing with the Athletics across the jersey, home and away,” Kaval said.

“A’s taking early steps on Las Vegas uniform design process with Nike”, Las Vegas Review-Journal (link) June 11, 2024

With that information in tow, including further confirmation that the team will play with no city designation (so, just “The Athletics”?), here’s what we should expect the (not) Sacramento Athletics uniforms to look like next season:

Above, you see the existing Oakland Athletics road grey and alternate Kelly Green jerseys with the “Oakland” scripted wordmarks swapped out for “Athletics” wordmarks. Based on Kaval’s comments, this is probably what the Athletics will wear next season in Sacramento. Note that the team’s current home white and technically still-active alternate yellow jerseys do not read “Oakland” anywhere, so I expect they’d stay the same next year.

It’s also interesting that the club is sticking with their “we don’t play anywhere” plan in terms of their team name despite the fact they had recently trademarked both the “Sacramento Athletics” and “Sacramento A’s” names.

The Oakland Athletics announced earlier this season that the club will leave its Bay Area home of over 50 years following the 2024 season to play three seasons in Sacramento. The A’s will then relocate once again if/when their new stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, is built, tentatively scheduled to be ready for the start of the 2028 season. Following the moves to Sacramento and then Las Vegas, the A’s franchise will have played in five different cities (Philadelphia, Kansas City, Oakland, Sacramento, Las Vegas) since the team was established as a charter member of the American League in 1901.

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