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17 Swim Cover-Ups You Can Wear With or Without a Swimsuit

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Swimsuits are fun, but sometimes the cover-ups we wear before we reveal them are even more exciting. How many times have you seen a beautiful swimsuit cover-up and wore it a lot longer than you actually needed to? How many times did you wish you could just wear the cover-up instead of a “real” outfit? We’ve been there. And we know that you’ll be there again this year when traveling or just hanging out by the pool.

That’s why we’ve chosen 17 of our favorite cover-ups that you can wear with or without a swimsuit. From spaghetti strap dresses to oversized shirt dresses, there are options here for every style preference in plenty of colors too. This year, get a cute cover-up that you love just as much as your bikini or one-piece. And wear it as often as you want! Read on for our picks below.

17 Swim Cover-Ups You Can Wear With or Without a Swimsuit

1. Spaghetti Strapped: This double spaghetti strap top looks like a short dress, but it’s opaque and you can’t see through it  – just $20!

2. Swinging Free: Nab this flowy white dress that looks like a long tank top for an easy outfit – just $19!

3. Shirt Yeah: Button down this long shirt dress and wear a pair of leggings underneath for a whole look – just $31!

4. V-Necked: This dress has a deep V-neck for a plunging look and looks great with a decorative bra or swimsuit – just $28!

5. Rock the Rainbow: This full-coverage A-line dress is perfect for covering up and hitting the town – just $20!

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6. Blackout: This simple black dress is a great cover-up but it also makes the perfect addition to any outfit – just $28!

7. Breezy Fit: Slip on this tank top dress with eyelets and feel like you’re walking around in the clouds – just $28!

8. Textured Textiles: This V-neck dress has a fun texture with raised lines all over for a unique look – just $33!

9. Pretty Poncho: Look alive in this sunny yellow poncho-styled dress that would look good on anyone – just $23!

10. Tropical Tease: Wear this cheeky dress adorned with palm trees all over it in a fun pattern – just $35!

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11. Unlock It: Toss on this dress with a keyhole at the collar for a classy and sophisticated look – just $20!

12. Yarn, Y’all: Throw on this unconventional knit tank top dress and you’ll look perfectly beachy – just $34!

13. Pom Pom Power: Look and feel like a million bucks with this shirt dress covered in pom poms – just $23!

14. Two Piece: This crochet two-piece outfit has a top and bottom to keep you covered and cool while out and about – just $42!

15. Ruffled Feathers: Swoosh around in this cover-up with plenty of ruffles around the edges – just $10!

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16. Black and White: Try on a fun, artsy dress with a flower print that’s all in black and white – just $28!

17. Graphic Tank: This fun graphic tee tank top is all about the beach lifestyle and you can wear it anywhere – just $20!

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