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Father’s Day is quickly approaching. In the world of Major League Baseball, this means we’ll see baby blue-themed baseball caps and ribbons on the uniforms of Major League Baseball players, coaches, managers, and umpires for all games played on Sunday, June 16th.

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This will be the eighth season in which MLB teams wear the light blue caps for the annual salute to the father figures in our lives. The practice got underway back in 2016 and has continued each year through 2024 (with the exception of the pandemic-shortened season in 2020). As was the case with Mother’s Day, these caps were first paired with similarly themed jerseys, but the league stopped that after just two seasons. The ribbons we see attached to the in-game uniforms on both Father’s and Mother’s Day first appeared in 2005.

Like Mother’s Day, the cap design this year has each team wearing their primary team colour as the crown, visor, and button colour (all three are one colour regardless of what a team usually does with these elements). Powder blue is added to the team’s logo, with most making their entire logo that light blue colour, with some adding a bit of white for detailing, trim, or drop shadows. The undervisor and MLB logo on the back are also re-coloured that same baby blue colour.

Here’s every 2024 MLB Father’s Day cap design:

The teams that typically wear powder blue as a trim colour really stand out here, and you start wondering if these could be worn as part of their regular set—clubs like Tampa Bay, Toronto, Kansas City, and Miami. I could also see the Cardinals and Rangers pairing these Father’s Day caps with their powder blue alternate uniforms… but none of this would happen; it’s just too good.

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As they have done every year for Father’s Day, MLB will again donate 100% of their royalties earned on Father’s Day cap sales to the Prostate Cancer Foundation and Stand Up To Cancer.


Below is a quick trip back through time at the various Father’s Day cap and jersey designs that we’ve seen on the field since the program was first introduced in 2016. Note that there was no Father’s Day cap during the pandemic-shortened season in 2020.

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