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Best ways to get Skill Points in Stellar Blade

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Like most other action-adventures of its kind, Skill Points in Stellar Blade is a system that helps Eve grow more powerful. As you take on harder challenges in the game and advance through the story you will be able to use these Skill Points to unlock more powerful techniques for Eve.

These higher-tier abilities will help her have a much easier time taking down some of the hardest challenges. Stellar Blade’s combat is very unforgiving and you might struggle quite a bit if you are new to this genre of game.

So to help your chances in the semi-open world you might want to get your hands on as many skills as you can. Today’s Stellar Blade guide will therefore go over some of the best ways to get Skill Points in the game.

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How to get Skill Points in Stellar Blade?

Here are some of the best ways to get Skill Points in Stellar Blade:

1) Defeat enemies

The most straightforward way of getting Skill Points in the game is to beat enemies and bosses like the Juggernaut. The harder an enemy is the more they will fill Eve’s SP bar. So don’t shy away from an encounter as grinding out the stages and beating all the enemies you find will help Eve grow significantly stronger.

2) Complete missions

Both Story Missions and Side Quests offer a fair bit of SP when you complete them. Some missions offer enough to fill out an entire bar and give you a point. If you are especially looking to Platinum the game, you will want to complete all the side missions that the title has to offer.

Where should you invest Skill Points in Stellar Blade?

Once you get Skill Points you will be able to invest them in unlocking perks from the following trees:

  • Attack
  • Survival
  • Beta
  • Burst
  • Tachy Mode

The Burst and Tachy Mode is unlocked much later on in the narrative and you will not gain access to it until you reach Matrix 11. Till then your SP investment will depend on your playstyle. However, we recommend Survival for new players and if you are struggling with progression.

However, if you are confident of your skills, then go ahead and keep adding points to the Attack and the Beta Blade abilities.

You can always reset the respective Skill Trees in Stellar Blade at any time.

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