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Bold and the Beautiful: RJ Not Buying What Luna Tries to Sell

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Bold and the Beautiful has a scorned RJ Forrester heartbroken and in pain after Luna Nozawa comes clean on the CBS soap. But the Forrester Creation intern finds a hard sell with the youngest Forrester son buying her recollection of the night in question.

So, RJ goes off to find Zende Forrester as if he were a predator. When he finds him, he wallops him in the face. It seems B&B has a new generation repeating the past mistakes of the older generation.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Luna Nozawa Spiel Not So Convincing

Fans put themselves in RJ Forrester’s (Joshua Hoffman) place as Luna Nozawa (Lisa Yamada) hits him with her story. It’s hard to believe, especially since she’s adamant not to blame his cousin.

But Zende Forrester (Delon de Metz) knew how much his cousin loved Luna. She wasn’t in control after eating those laced mints. But even if she had her wits about her and welcomed him into that bed, Bold and the Beautiful fans would still see it as a betrayal from his cousin.

Bold and the Beautiful: Zende Forrester (Delon de Metz) - RJ Forrester (Joshua Hoffman)

So, Luna Nozawa did her best to make Zende a victim, along with herself. But, this week on Bold and Beautiful, it looks like she failed to convince her angry boyfriend to see it that way. Still, from where RJ stands, his cousin has been sniffing around Luna despite knowing he has a solid relationship with her.

B&B Spoilers: RJ Blames His Cousin

RJ Forrester knows that his cousin has been drooling over Luna Nozawa since learning she was his girlfriend. He’s even been snarky to the young Forrester son over the intern who brightens both their days. This cousin even had the gall to remind RJ how lucky he was to have Luna a few times in the past on Bold and the Beautiful.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Luna Nozawa (Lisa Yamada)Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Luna Nozawa (Lisa Yamada)

But RJ’s only saving grace was Luna’s honesty and devotion to him. He didn’t worry that she’d take Zende up on his flirtations. So, now that they’ve slept together, he tried to make sense of this.

RJ Forrester’s last train of thought was that Luna was out of it, and his cousin took advantage of that. Zende worried about this after Luna woke up the following morning after their accidental fling.

She flipped out scaring her boyfriend’s cousin into thinking he could be wrongly accused. Back then, he wanted her to say it out loud on Bold and the Beautiful. He needed to hear that she understood he had no idea she was under the influence of some odd mints.

Bold and the Beautiful: Can RJ and Luna Fix This?

The fall guy here is most like Zende. Even Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) questioned him about his actions and if he honestly didn’t know Luna’s state of mind that night. Then the Forrester cousin also worried about Luna not believing he had no idea she was under the influence. So, he knows getting blamed for this is a possibility.

Luna Nozawa sounded as if she was 100 percent sure her one-night stand had no idea she thought he was RJ that night. But, Bold and the Beautiful may be paving the way for accusations to fly. Especially this week, as it sounded like RJ thought his cousin was responsible.

So, RJ Forrester surprises his cousin with a punch in the face while in the FC design room. But while that hurt, it likely pales in comparison to what this probably does to the Forrester cousin’s reputation when RJ gets through with him.

Luna Nozawa never wants to lose RJ. But she likely won’t stand by and let her boyfriend make Zende Forrester the fall guy. So, it sounds like a bumpy road opens up for RJ Forrester and Luna Nozawa as the CBS soap rolls along.

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