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Cash most favored present on Parents’ Day, Children’s Day: survey

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By Lee Kyung-min

Cash topped the list of the most wanted present for parents and children, a survey showed Sunday.

According to a KB Kookmin Card survey of 440 card holders, cash or cash equivalents, including gift certificates, were the most preferred present on the occasion of Parents’ Day (May 8) and Children’s Day (May 5).

Of the respondents, 92 percent said they give cash to their parents for Parents Day, while 24 percent picked carnations — the flower symbolizing love for parents — and 13 percent, health care food products, when multiple answers were allowed.

For the amount of cash given, 29 percent said they give between 100,000 won and 200,000 won to parents.

To children, 58 percent said they give cash as well, followed by toys (38 percent), clothes (14 percent) and books (10 percent).

About 41 percent said between 50,000 won and 100,000 won is an appropriate amount to give to children.

Most of the respondents said they dine out with family on both days, while some others said they go out for cultural activities including going to watch a movie, amusement parks, shopping or a trip.

The card company also analyzed the sales trend at eateries over the past three years, and seafood was the food type that saw the highest monthly increase in spending in May.

The company said it “will continue to monitor changes in consumption trends, based on a variety of surveys and statistics.”

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