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Houston Texans Unveil Four New Uniforms, Two New Helmets – SportsLogos.Net News

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“Let’s create something for everyone.” – Texans chairman Cal McNair

The Houston Texans unveiled new uniforms on Tuesday morning, including four distinctly different designs intended to satisfy every corner of the fanbase. 

The “traditional and classic” home uniform features a familiar blue helmet with Houston’s primary logo on the sides, as well as a blue jersey with a custom number font below a red “Texans” wordmark.

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The jerseys also include a red and white collar design, the primary logo on the sleeves and a “Houston” wordmark above the nameplate, while the white pants have a thick red stripe alongside a thin blue stripe.

We’ve already seen the “traditional but modernized” road uniform, which pairs the aforementioned blue helmet with a white jersey that features a horn-shaped design on the sleeves and shoulders. 

The jersey prominently displays a “Houston” wordmark above the mostly blue numbers, while the primary logo can be seen above the nameplate. The look is complete with blue pants with red and white stripes.

The road jersey and pants design is carried over to the all-red “bold bull” alternate uniform, though it includes a new candy red helmet that wraps the blue horns from the shoulders around the facemask and displays the primary logo on the back.

The red jersey notably displays a white “Texans” wordmark above the mostly blue numbers, as well as the primary logo above the nameplate. The red pants also have a thick blue stripe alongside a thin white stripe. 

Lastly, the all-blue “H-Town and tough” Color Rush uniform is the most drastic departure from the Texans’ previous look, which was introduced in their inaugural season in 2002.

It includes a new stylized “H” logo on the helmet in Houston’s new H-Town blue and red. The “H,” which can also be seen below the back collar on the Color Rush uniform and back of the standard blue helmet, notably includes the star/eye from the Texans’ primary logo. 

The jersey follows the same template as the home design, but it has red numbers with an H-Town blue stroke and an “H-Town” wordmark on the chest. There’s also a two-color version of the primary logo on the sleeves. 

The uniform is complete with blue pants that include a thick red and a small H-Town blue stripe, as well as a “Houston” wordmark inside the back collar, whereas the other three jerseys have an “H-Town” wordmark in that spot.

The helmet that will be worn with the “H-Town” uniform is different than the standard navy blue helmet, as includes red flakes throughout.

That means the Texans and Denver Broncos were the only teams (so far) to take advantage of the NFL’s new helmet rules, which allowed teams undergoing a redesign this offseason to add a third helmet shell color before it goes league-wide in 2025. 

The Detroit Lions do have a third helmet design for their throwback uniforms, as well, but they’ll simply remove the decals from their standard gray helmets to accomplish the desired vintage effect.

That leaves the New York Jets, who could still presumably add another jersey and helmet to their uniform closet this season after promoting their white “Legacy” throwback uniforms to full-time road status and unveiling matching green home and black alternate versions.

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