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How to Fast Travel and Auto-Walk

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AFK Journey requires you to travel a lot between points of interest. Fortunately, the game allows you to save some time in your journey by using the Fast Travel and the Auto-Walk feature. Fast Travel lets you instantly teleport from a shrine to anywhere on the map. On the other hand, Auto-Walk allows your characters to automatically make their way to the destination that you mark.

Both these features come in handy during particular scenarios in the game, and today’s AFK Journey guide will go over how you can make the most of them as you make your way through the narrative.

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How to Fast Travel in AFK Journey

To be able to Fast Travel in AFK Journey you need to unlock the very first Waystone. This one is found in the Holistone, and once you have at least two Waystones unlocked you will be able to select one of them from the map, select the downward arrow and your party will automatically teleport there.

So once you find Hogan in Holistone and unlock your first Waystone, you will gain access to the shrines and can use them to go to other Waystone points. You can go a step further by selecting the magnifier when hovering over a Waystone—this will show all the interactable objects, characters, or even a shrine you can teleport to. This is a great time-saver mechanic and will help you avoid unnecessary encounters.

However, if you are unable to teleport to a destination you have set, it’s likely because that particular path is blocked for you. These areas will either need some prerequisites to unlock or require you to increase your AFK Stage level.

How to Auto-Walk in AFK Journey

To use Auto-Walk in the Idle RPG you need to click on the “boot icon” present on the map after you have highlighted one of the waypoints. This will pop up a “walking” sign that you need to select.

When enabled, the Auto-Walk system will automatically guide your characters to the marked destination. This will also let your party avoid unnecessary encounters and get you where you want to go in a very short period of time.

However, Auto-Walk will not let you auto-loot chests on the way, so your characters won’t pick up any collectibles that they encounter.

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