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ILLIT members talk about comments from the peanut gallery

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Girl group ILLIT members appear as guests on JTBC’s “Knowing Bros” on Saturday. Captured from JTBC

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The girl group ILLIT appeared as guests on JTBC’s “Knowing Bros” on Saturday and shared their thoughts on dealing with negative comments.

ILLIT, having gained popularity with their debut song “Magnetic,” expressed their gratitude for their success, saying that it still doesn’t feel real and they are very thankful.

Host Kang Ho-dong asked ILLIT about the difficulties they face post-debut. Wonhee responded, “I tend to be very cautious. My trainee period was short, and I make a lot of mistakes.”

Minju added, “I am not confident, so when I see negative comments, I tend to dwell on them deeply.” Another host Lee Soo-geun responded, “Even if there are 100 compliments, one negative comment stands out.”

Singer Kim Hee-chul also comforted Minju, sharing, “You can’t completely avoid seeing negative comments. Even if thousands of fans are showing hearts above their heads, if one person is cursing, that’s all you can see.”

Shindong advised, “If you pay attention to all the comments, you’ll collapse. You can’t let them win.” Soo-geun added, “If you lose to that, you’re really losing.”

Moka also shared her thoughts on negative comments, saying, “I read a lot of comments. I don’t usually get hurt by them, but when I’m on stage and those comments come to mind, it scares me.”

Shindong offered advice in response to Moka’s honest response, saying, “What you can do now is get revenge through your talent. Practice hard and show them how good you are, so they can’t criticize you.”

Members of ILLIT / Courtesy of HYBE

Members of ILLIT / Courtesy of HYBE

Regarding their ultimate goal, ILLIT expressed that they hope to look back fondly on their time as a group, wishing that both they and their fans can feel proud and happy to have been part of ILLIT.

Yuna added, “Although we’ve made it onto the Billboard charts, we haven’t performed or received awards there. We hope to achieve number one on the Billboard charts, perform on the Billboard stage, and attend award ceremonies to give acceptance speeches like BTS seniors.”

Previously, Min Hee-jin, the CEO of Ador, which manages NewJeans, claimed that ILLIT had plagiarized NewJeans, thus harming their brand value amid conflicts between HYBE and Ador.

In response, Belift Lab, a sublabel of HYBE and agency for ILLIT, had filed a lawsuit against CEO Min for obstruction of business and defamation, stating, “We clearly affirm that the allegations of plagiarism against ILLIT are not true.”

Amidst this controversy, Wonhee recently missed a scheduled event due to health issues.

This article from the Hankook Ilbo, sister publication of The Korea times, is translated by generative AI and edited by staff of The Korea Times.

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