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James Gunn Must Save One DC Character From The Snyderverse Ruining Them

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James Gunn’s upcoming Superman would do well to learn from the version of Lois Lane who appeared in Man of Steel and avoid the mistakes of later Snyderverse films. One of the most prominent non-superheroes in DC comics, Lois offers unique storytelling opportunities. Comics like Lois Lane: Enemy of the People and Event Leviathan prove how great she can be as a character. 

Prominent side characters often get neglected in modern superhero movies and it’s something the Snyderverse in particular struggled with. Lois Lane is the most notable example but, J. K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon, and Jeremy Irons as Alfred were never given enough time to shine. It’s these types of grounded side characters I would like to see James Gunn and the DC Universe focus on getting right after the Snyderverse neglected them.

Side characters don’t just benefit the hero’s stories they find themselves in, they often become beloved characters in their own right. The popularity of J. Jonah Jameson as played by J.K. Simmons is the ultimate example of why side characters matter. Lois Lane is critical to Superman’s mythos and a character worth exploring in her own right. 

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