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MLB Announces Return of Players’ Weekend in 2024, Custom Player Caps – SportsLogos.Net News

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Major League Baseball is bringing back its Players’ Weekend this season, which will be held August 16-18, 2024, focusing on the players’ personalized gear.

It’s the first time MLB will host its Players’ Weekend since 2019.

As part of this year’s celebration, players will wear each player’s uniform number on the side panel of their cap in a “youthful design,” caps will otherwise look the same as always. Unlike the first run of Players’ Weekend, there will not be any unique jersey designs or player nicknames. Players will also be able to use customized bats and wear cleats with personalized designs. 

The Players’ Weekend in 2017 gave us colourful pullover uniforms. It’ll be regular unis in 2024.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any photos of these special side-of-cap designs yet.

While the uniforms won’t change in 2024, the intention behind the weekend remains. As before, the weekend was designed to celebrate MLB players’ interests, backstories, and charitable causes that are important to them. Showcasing MLB players beyond their stats and on-field performances and telling their stories in a way intended to appeal to young fans and casual followers of baseball.

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In addition to the cap patches and custom player equipment, there are a series of themed days for each of the three games throughout Players’ Weekend:

The weekend kicks off on Friday, August 16, under the “FUN” theme. This day will highlight the fun aspects of players’ personalities, friendships, and off-field interests, providing a lighter look into these athletes’ lives and offering fans a glimpse of their personal likes, dislikes, and the camaraderie that ties teams together.

In 2019, every team either wore all-white or all-black uniforms for Players’ Weekend

Transitioning from fun to philanthropy, Saturday, August 17, focuses on “CAUSES,” all about charitable and community initiatives close to each player’s heart. Each game and broadcast on this day will pay tribute to the athletes’ dedication to making a difference, emphasizing their impact beyond the baseball diamond.

The weekend concludes on Sunday, August 18, with “APPRECIATION,” a day dedicated to those who helped the players reach the Major Leagues. Acknowledging the family members, coaches, and mentors who’ve supported these athletes through their journeys to the big leagues.

The 2024 Little League Classic will also occur this weekend in Williamsport, PA, where the New York Yankees will face the Detroit Tigers.

The original Players’ Weekend first took place from 2017 to 2019. Initially featuring specially designed colourful pullover uniforms with players’ nicknames on the back, the weekend has shifted focus towards more personal storytelling and less on-field persona. The 2019 version of Players’ Weekend saw a shift from the colourful, playful pullover uniforms. Instead, it gave us players wearing entirely black or white uniforms — caps, jerseys, pants, logos, names, and numbers all black or white. The idea was to show the player’s individuality through their customized bats, cleats, and equipment rather than the team uniform.

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