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Mom fights air pollution in North Denver » Yale Climate Connections

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People who live in North Denver, Colorado, face multiple sources of air pollution.

Oliver: “Families and young homeowners … live next to the refinery, the dog food plant, the recycling waste facility, as well as gas plants. … And there’s so many other industries that are also in this very same area that also contribute to a lot of heavy-duty truck pollution.”

Shaina Oliver is an activist with Mom’s Clean Air Force.

She says Denver has some of the highest levels of ground-level ozone in the country. It forms from the pollution emitted by tailpipes, smokestacks, and other industrial sources. And it can cause or worsen many health problems, including asthma.

Oliver has suffered with asthma since she was a young girl. Now she worries about her son, who has it, too.

She says leaders are not doing enough to regulate sources of pollution like those clustered in North Denver.

Oliver: “These decision-makers, they’re not thinking of our children … and the next generations.”

Oliver has testified in support of policies that would reduce air pollution from oil and gas plants, factories, and trucks.

She wants to make sure her kids — and other children — can breathe cleaner, healthier air.

Reporting credit: Sarah Kennedy / Shannon Young / ChavoBart Digital Media

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