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New one seater buggy to change golfing experience

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Mate Mobility’s one-seater gold buggy the Single / Courtesy of Mate Mobility

By KTimes

Mate Mobility has unveiled its one-seater golf buggy, the Single, which changes the traditional role of golf buggies as a mode of transport for multiple passengers, the company said.

This new golf buggy offers golfers a personalized Mate System for strategic course guidance and information services, akin to a digital caddy. This system is set to enhance the experience of golfers who prefer to navigate the course on their own.

Designed as a lightweight, single-seater buggy, the Single can easily traverse the fairway. Its independent suspension system ensures stable handling on challenging courses.

Mate Mobility, a company specializing in innovative transportation solutions, has prioritized the buggy’s reliability by incorporating key components, such as the drive system and battery, from reputable domestic companies known for their proven stability and quality.

Lee Sang-hyun, CEO of Mate Mobility, said, “The rise in no-caddie play is an undeniable trend. Through the single-seater buggy, we aim to introduce a healthy and economical way to play golf and to create a new culture in Korean golf.”

In a commitment to efficiency and sustainability, the Single features a replaceable lithium-ion battery. To address safety concerns associated with no-caddie play, the buggy is equipped with advanced technology that creates virtual boundaries to prevent players from entering potentially dangerous areas.

The Mate System software embedded in Single offers a unique interactive experience, providing real-time conversational information to the golfer, much like a human caddie would. The pricing for the use of this new buggy has yet to be announced.


This article from the Hankook Ilbo, a sister publication of The Korea Times, was translated by generative AI and edited by staff members of The Korea Times.





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