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New York Mets Tease Purple “NY” Logo, City Connect Uniform Coming April 19th? – SportsLogos.Net News

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The New York Mets have dropped a couple of teasers for (what we assume is) their new City Connect uniform, and, well, it guarantees we’re in for an interesting next few days.

Posted to their various social media channels, the posts simply read “Coming next Friday” with a 15-second embedded video; take a look:

The clip begins with a busy New York crosswalk before the Mets’ “NY” logo appears in orange, surrounded by IYKYK. Together, they form the message, “If you know New York, you know.”

But things get really interesting about two seconds later when the colours darken and the Mets logo changes from orange to PURPLE. Yes, purple.

I always expected the Mets to use a subway theme for their City Connect uniform, and the use of purple here only strengthens that thought. For those unaware, the purple #7 line takes fans to Citi Field.

An earlier post showed the Queensboro Bridge in the video, along with the teaser date of April 19. The video, again, shows the purple “NY” logo.

The Mets would be the second team to unveil their Nike MLB City Connect uniform in 2024, leaving us with seven more between the end of April and the All-Star break. The Detroit Tigers have already announced they’ll unveil in early May, and the Toronto Blue Jays will drop theirs on May 30. The Phillies unveiled theirs last week.

We’ll certainly be tuning all in on April 19th, and I encourage you to do the same! You know we’ll have total coverage of whatever’s coming to us next Friday.

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