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Oracle director sells $2.9m in stock, buys options at $42.02 By

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Oracle Corp (NYSE:) director George H. Conrades executed significant transactions in the company’s stock, according to a recent SEC filing. Conrades sold 25,000 shares of Oracle at a weighted average price of $116.1276, totaling approximately $2.9 million. On the same day, he also acquired an equivalent number of options to buy shares at $42.02 each, investing over $1 million.

The sales were carried out in multiple trades, with prices ranging from $116.00 to $116.29 per share, reflecting the weighted average sales price reported in the filing. The filing included a footnote indicating Conrades’ commitment to provide full information about the specific shares and prices upon request.

Conrades’ transactions demonstrate a reshuffling of his investment in Oracle, as he continues to hold a significant number of shares and options in the company. Following these transactions, he owns 17,836 direct shares of common stock and maintains options for an additional 20,000 shares.

Investors often monitor insider transactions like these for insights into executives’ perspectives on their company’s stock. While the reasons behind Conrades’ decisions are not disclosed, the transactions are a matter of public record for Oracle’s shareholders and the broader investment community.

The stock options acquired by Conrades have a vesting schedule, with 25% vesting annually on each anniversary of the grant date, as noted in the filing’s footnotes. This detail provides context for the timing of potential future transactions related to these options.

Oracle’s stock performance and executive trading activities are closely watched indicators of the company’s health and executive confidence. As such, this recent filing will likely be of interest to current and potential investors.

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