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Puma Keeps National Team Kit Train Rolling With Five New Unveilings – SportsLogos.Net News

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After Nike and Adidas unveiled a slew of new national soccer team kits earlier in March, Puma is keeping the train rolling along with five new kits of their own.

Puma launched the new home and away kits on Friday, March 28, with four out of the five teams having qualified for Euro 2024 this summer in Germany. Each kit features “bespoke designs that celebrate the rich heritage of each nation,” according to the press release.

While authentic versions of the kits will be made with Puma’s Ultraweave technology, the company heavily emphasized their RE:FIBRE recycling technology in the replica versions.

The RE:FIBRE process focuses on textile waste as the primary source of material to create new textiles. The recycled material can be used for recycling again and again without losing quality – making RE:FIBRE a more long-term solution for recycling polyester textile waste.

Through the RE:FIBRE program, PUMA is keen to address the challenge of textile waste via a long-term solution for recycling. The technology also looks to diversify the fashion industry’s main source of recycled polyester in garments from being less reliant on clear plastic bottles.

The RE:FIBRE process uses any polyester material – from factory offcuts, faulty goods to pre-loved clothes which allows new garments to be recycled from any color textile to any color desired.

— Puma press release

Here’s what was unveiled for each of the five teams, plus what Puma had to say about the designs:


Photos courtesy SoccerBible

The 2024 Austria Home kit features a red base and intricately weaves Jugendstil architectural beauty into its design, combining bespoke graphics with proud details. The white Away kit, adorned with vibrant blue accents, mirrors the nation’s affinity for nature and exploration.


Photos courtesy SoccerBible

The Czech Republic red Home kit incorporates the nation’s colors alongside an abstract print derived from the double-tailed lion emblem, infusing a modern flair into this traditional symbol. The white Away kit pays homage to the relentless determination of the Cech Republic’s class of 2004 with a classic design, featuring repeated double-tailed lion emblems as a proud nod to the team’s spirit.


Photos courtesy SoccerBible

Iceland’s 2024 blue Home kit draws inspiration from the breath-taking ice glaciers covering 11% of the country, symbolizing the deep connection between the people, the team, and the surrounding landscape. The Iceland Away kit, with an ash grey base illuminated by fiery accents, embodies the energy of Iceland’s volcanic landscape, representing the team’s power, passion, and determination while honouring the intertwined natural and cultural heritage.

🇷🇸 SERBIA 🇷🇸

Photos courtesy SoccerBible

Serbia’s 2024 red Home kit spreads its wings with graphics representing an X-ray view of an eagle’s wing, symbolizing both the team’s bravery on the pitch and Serbia’s storied heritage in sports and science. The white Away kit, with a crisp white base and blue accents, celebrates Serbia’s natural and cultural landscape, featuring knitted sleeve cuffs inspired by the mystical Đavolja Varoš (Devil’s Town) rock formation on Radan Mountain in South Serbia.


Photos courtesy SoccerBible

Embracing the essence of Swiss culture, the 2024 Switzerland red Home kit seamlessly blends heritage and Alpine elegance with edelweiss flower graphics inspired by traditional Swiss clothing. Meanwhile, the white Away kit draws inspiration from the iconic Jungfraujoch railway station in the Swiss Alps, capturing the harmonious fusion of natural beauty and engineering excellence that defines Switzerland.

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