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Sister Wives: Janelle’s Message Leaves Ex-Spouses’ Blurbs in the Dust

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Sister Wives star Janelle Brown hasn’t forgotten a part of the mission statement the family shared when first appearing on the TLC series. Despite the now-defunct polygamous marriage of the Brown family, Janelle didn’t shift into the merry-go-round that the others seem to embrace today.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Treads Straight Ahead

Janelle Brown didn’t appear to fall off the path like her once-shared husband and co-wives have since the demise of their marriage. Meri Brown and Christine Brown Woolley are still online, and keeping their fans informed. But lately, their interactions come with a catch.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

Kody Brown and Robyn Brown spin a mystery for fans. But the Sister Wives mom Janelle, seems to continue to navigate her recent tragedy. But she still reaches out to fans. However, she does this differently than the other four adults who once made up the Brown family.

Janelle’s Strength Shines Through

Sister Wives fans see a trend growing with Meri and Christine. They seem to use their fan base as a customer base. Many of their posts lead back to what they’re selling these days.

Meri’s latest venture is Worthy Up, which comes with pricey membership fees. Christine is selling relief from menopause symptoms with a product that she seems to think works wonders.

As far as Kody and Robyn, many fans think they lie low these days, with the hope some of the dust settles before Season 19 rolls out. This now monogamous couple left some angry Sister Wives fans at the close of last season over their treatment of Kody’s original three brides. Then there’s Janelle…

Sister Wives: Sharing the Most Important Things

Janelle Brown also sold things to her fan base but in moderation. Today, it seems like she’s not promoting anything but the important things in life. Her latest post puts a perspective on things or Sister Wives fans. More so than any self-help post by her once-co-wives.

Janelle posts a photo of her granddaughter’s latest leg prosthesis. It’s one that Evie Brush picked out herself. It has a beautiful painting of a unicorn. Janelle said she liked this one better than the pink one Evie picked out last time.

Janelle Brown | InstagramJanelle Brown | Instagram
Sister Wives | Instagram

As Evie grows, her prosthesis needs to grow too, so recently she got a new one. Janelle took the snapshot above to share with her million-plus Sister Wives followers. This touched the hearts of many Sister Wives fans today.

It didn’t take long for comparisons to pop up on social media sites. Fans pointed out the differences among the ex-wives of Kody Brown. Instead of the mysterious cryptic messages that lead you to a sales promotion of her two ex-co-wives, Meri and Christine, Janelle shared the most uplifting story.

So, fans of this TLC series give Janelle Brown kudos for focusing on the more important things in life.

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