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Sister Wives: Meri Gives Jenn Space – Weight Loss Pops Out in PHOTO

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown posts many photos of Jenn Sullivan, her best friend, but she is often behind Meri or cut off by the TLC celebrity in those pictures. But now it looks like Jenn has something to share, whether she wants to or not.

Despite keeping this under wraps. It wasn’t until Meri posted a photo that fans realized something had been quietly going on behind the scenes with Jenn Sullivan.

Sister Wives Meri Brown Has Something Special

Meri Brown introduced her best friend, Jenn Sullivan, to fans online, long before she surfaced on the Sister Wives screen. Season 18 brought Jenn to the screen, and those who didn’t know her through Meri’s social media posts finally met her best friend.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown -Jenn Sullivan
Sister Wives | Instagram

Meri is one lucky lady, which is the consensus of many of her fans. Jenn is the kind of best friend most people want. With Season 19 shimmering on the burner, many fans predict “Just Jenn,” as she calls herself, will become a breakout star on Sister Wives.

So what’s so special about Jenn? She doesn’t need to be front and center. She’s usually seen behind Meri or cut off to the side of a photo.

Plus, she genuinely seems to love her best friend. Not romantically, as some Sister Wives fans tried to suggest online a while back. No, the happily married Jenn likely loves Meri like a sister.

Jenn Sullivan Behind Meri

Meri’s best friend is a breath of fresh air, as she never has a disparaging word to say about anyone. So, when she pops up on the Sister Wives screen, it usually means laughter follows.

She has a terrific sense of humor. But most of all, she seems okay with standing behind Meri Brown, almost as if she prefers the background to the limelight.

No one recognizes how special Jenn Sullivan is to Meri Brown more than the first Sister Wives star herself. A recently posted tribute to her friend suggests the reality star is thankful to have her in her life.

It’s because Jenn Sullivan stays in the background or off to the side in many posted pictures that you don’t often see all of her. But recently that changed, as Meri Brown posted a photo of her best friend that shows something not seen before.

Sister Wives: Jenn’s Secret Weight Loss?

Fans say Jenn Sullivan looks like she dropped some weight, in one of the few full-length photos of her to pop up. Meri Brown celebrated her friend with some photos, and the one on the bottom right below was tucked in among the group.

Sister Wives: Jenn Sullivan - Meri BrownSister Wives: Jenn Sullivan - Meri Brown
Sister Wives | Instagram

But again, most of them were just face shots, except for one. That photo shows Jenn Sullivan looking fit and trim. So, when we see Meri’s best friend on Sister Wives Season 19, she likely debuts that weight loss.

But because this is Jenn, she probably won’t want to make a big deal out of it. But the Sister Wives fans will likely notice something different about Meri Brown’s bestie when the TLC series rolls out the next season.

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