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Sister Wives: Meri Spins Realtime Mystery – Is Kody in There?

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown didn’t mention Kody Brown this weekend, but after an abrupt halt mid-sentence, fans think she had her TLC co-star in mind.

During a recent interview, Meri used elaborate distraction techniques to keep something a secret when addressing her million-plus followers online. So what’s up with Meri Brown?

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Rolls Out Intrigue

Meri Brown wasn’t wearing a trench coat, and a magnifying glass was nowhere to be found. But she still tried creating an air of intrigue in one of her latest posts.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Kody Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

One of Meri’s newest hobbies is reading questions about herself, which she finds on Google. Some of them are funny, and others are a bit mundane. But, occasionally, a zinger pushes through, making things interesting for Sister Wives fans.

And that was the case with her latest round of questions. She started to describe a home remodeling project, but instead of hearing what she had to say, the screen lit up.

Meri Plays With the Fans with “Him” News – Kody Brown?

So, Meri made it obvious that what she has to say isn’t ready for the fans’ ears yet. But she revealed her news behind one of those “Technical Difficulties” messages. The Sister Wives celeb became very animated, but you couldn’t hear a word she said. Or even see her lips to read them.

Sister Wives: Meri BrownSister Wives: Meri Brown
Sister Wives | Instagram

Once she got that news out of the way, the Sister Wives fans scratched their heads, wondering why all the mystery. But then Meri dropped another interesting bit of info.

She became excited as she started to share something. But then she abruptly stopped. She then conversed with whoever was on the other side of the camera. Meri Brown then asked the unknown person if it was okay to mention this news.

Whatever it was, it obviously got her very excited. But, the decision was not to share it just yet. So, next, she promised the news about “him” will come soon.

That perked up the Sister Wives fans’ ears.  By now, fans heard the excitement in Meri’s voice and watched her get animated over news that she’s seemingly itching to share. But they heard nothing, nothing at all new from all of this.

Sister Wives: Is Meri Teasing Kody News or a New ‘Him’?

A while back, Meri Brown admitted she sometimes throws things out to the masses, knowing she will likely start a rumor. As far as decorating goes, the fans weren’t too interested in her decor news that they never got to hear due to her technical difficulty ploy.

But the word “him” has fans speculating that Meri either has a new man, or she’s referring to Kody Brown. It seems Kody fell off the face of the Earth since the last season of Sister Wives.

A few photos of Kody surfaced from his son’s memorial service. Other than that, he’s been fairly reclusive to the public. But since Garrison Brown’s death, the three wives who divorced Kody don’t seem to mention their once-shared husband.

So, with that said, some fans think Meri and Kody may have made amends and that name she didn’t mention might be his. Well, Meri left room for a ton of speculation this time around.

So, fans now wonder if Kody Brown somehow enters into her reveal of “him”. Or, at the very least, maybe she’s harboring a new man. Anyway, it looks like this Sister Wives star started the ball rolling. Her followers likely find out soon if it was rumor bait or a tease of real news for her fans of the TLC series.

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