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Sister Wives: Meri’s Message Fit for Public Restroom Wall

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown suddenly becomes a fountain of information between seasons of her popular TLC series.

During her latest Q&A session, she even offered a disclaimer before spitting something out that could be inappropriate to hear. Well, let’s say it is something you might find written on the wall of a public restroom stall.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Sugarcoats Nothing

Meri Brown sat down to answer some questions found on Google concerning the first wife of the Sister Wives brood. One false belief about Meri blew her away when she heard what some fans think.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown
Sister Wives | Instagram

For some reason, there is a popular belief among some Sister Wives fans that Meri Brown is a cat person. But during this Q&A session, Meri Brown made it clear that she’s not a cat person.

What got her laughing hysterical was that this false info even came with names for those two cats some people falsely believe she owns.

Meri Not Perking Up PETA’s Ears

Meri Brown didn’t come on too strong. So she won’t encourage PETA to perk up their ears. But she stated it sternly… she’s a dog person. Meri does not want to live with cats.

To state her case even more, she said Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, her B&B, is dog-friendly. It is not a cat-friendly one.

But the Sister Wives celebrity said she didn’t tread on the cat lovers out there, some, of whom, are her close friends. So, she stated that while she doesn’t want a cat, she doesn’t hate the purring creatures. She just doesn’t want to live with felines.

Sister Wives: It’s Written On the Bathroom Stall

One of the first questions was, “Who is the real Meri Brown?”  Well, Meri had a field day with that one. She tells her Sister Wives fans that she fancies herself as someone who is “freaking hilarious”.

Sister Wives: Meri BrownSister Wives: Meri Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

But if you ever tuned into her Fridays with Friends online chat fest, you would know that already. She can find something funny about even the most mundane things in life.

Then Meri puts a spin on another one of her traits. She says, “It would be very inappropriate to say I am a good time… But I am a good time.”

For some Sister Wives fans, the message, “For A Good Time Call…” popped into their heads after she said this. It’s just like that message seen in bathroom stalls across the country’s public restrooms.

It seemed Meri realized it too, or she wouldn’t have offered up the disclaimer that it might sound inappropriate. But it didn’t matter to the first wife of the Sister Wives show.

It’s all in good fun for Meri Brown. Plus, her sense of humor helps keep her fans entertained during the hiatus between seasons. So, next time you read the old “For A Good Time Call,” maybe you will think about this TLC celebrity.

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