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The Late Night Show That Introduced A Generation To Horror

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From the 1970s, USA Saturday Nightmares had a film vault that included Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter, The Devil’s Nightmare, Dracula’s Dog, Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell, and Let’s Scare Jessica to Death. But 1980s low-budget horror also made the cut, as Mausoleum, Motel Hell, Day of the Dead, and Blood Beach gave fans the chills.

USA Saturday Nightmares was the perfect vehicle to deliver nearly every type of horror film to the young fans in the 1980s, many of whom were likely up late and taking in the graphic violence and bloody gore that required viewing after the parents were asleep. The anticipation of what the show would air that night began early in the week, and certainly added to the fun. The days of weekly horror shows are long gone, but the films they aired are mostly available to stream, keeping the art alive and well for future generations.

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