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It’s finally time for the 2024 Major League Baseball season to (truly) get underway! This means it’s also time for my annual detailed look at all the uniform and logo changes you’ll see on the ballfield throughout the next six to seven months of baseball bliss.

This year, we saw a few teams make big changes, but most of the attention is on the new Nike uniform system. I’ll cover all of that in the post below, first starting with the league-wide changes and events before moving on to a team-by-team breakdown to finish things off.



It’s not often that uniform news gets out into the non-sports media world, but this offseason, it happened! I started appearing on television as a noted expert in see-through pants for the first time. Gotta say I didn’t see that one coming when I started this site.

Nike introduced its long-awaited new uniform system to Major League Baseball, and it was immediately met with complaints from players, media, and fans alike. While some of those complaints turned out to be nothing (those pants), others certainly have merit (smaller and oddly arched player names, “cheaper-looking” patches and logos).

I covered the new uniforms in detail, including responses from Major League Baseball, in my story here, but basically, it boils down to this — the changes to the new uniforms were made to make them lighter, more breathable, and more form-fitting. Somehow, they have also become much more expensive at retail.


The Nike MLB City Connect uniform series chugs into its fourth season in 2024, with nine new designs awaiting us between now and the All-Star Break in July.

This year, the Cleveland Guardians, Detroit Tigers, Minnesota Twins, New York Mets, Philadelphia Phillies, St. Louis Cardinals, Tampa Bay Rays, and Toronto Blue Jays will join the club while the Los Angeles Dodgers take their second crack. By the end of the season, 28 of the 30 teams in the league will have a City Connect uniform, leaving only the New York Yankees and Oakland Athletics without one.


2024 MLB Opening Day Logo

Major League Baseball’s Opening Day logo for 2024 continues in the same style as it has been used, relatively untouched, since 2018. You can see what past MLB Opening Day logos looked like here, though there’s a lot of repetition in there.


This year, the Mid-Summer Classic will be played at the home of the defending World Series Champion Texas Rangers (a defending champion hosting has not happened often) at the shiny new Globe Life Field in Arlington. The logo, shown above, features the state map of Texas in navy blue trimmed in light blue with “ALL STAR GAME” across the front in beige.

At some point during the year, we’ll get the special uniforms worn by the American and National League All-Stars. Typically, these are revealed in June.

You can check out the history of MLB All-Star Game logos here.


The 2024 Postseason and World Series logo collection has yet to be released, though I have seen them all. I will be a good boy and keep that information to myself for now. Don’t fret. I anticipate we’ll see these pop up here and there on various MLB marketing materials unceremoniously within the next few weeks, which is usually where the Postseason logos make their début.

Check out the full history of World Series logos here


There will be a slew of neutral site games throughout Major League Baseball in 2024; heck, we’ve already seen four of them, and the season hasn’t even (truly) started.

The annual MLB World Tour, which takes baseball outside of Canada and the United States, has already stopped in the Dominican Republic for a pair of Spring Training games between Boston and Tampa Bay. We’ve also already had the Opening Series between the Dodgers and San Diego in Seoul. Later this season, the Astros and Rockies will play in Mexico City, and the Mets and Phillies will travel to England for a few games in London.

Special uniforms are not anticipated, but we have seen special patches in the first two series and additional uniform advertising.

The MLB at Rickwood Field game, a tribute to the Negro Leagues, will be played between the Giants and Cardinals on June 20, 2024, the day after Juneteenth, at Rickwood Field in Birmingham, Alabama. Rickwood Field is the oldest professional baseball stadium in the United States (opening in 1910) and was home to the Birmingham Black Barons of the Negro Leagues. Both the Giants and Cardinals are expected to wear special uniforms for the game.

The Little League Classic returns in 2024 to Williamsport, Pennsylvania; this year, it’ll be the Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees. As seen above, the 2024 game sees a tweak to the event logo with a new font and colours. In the past, this game featured bright, colourful pullover uniforms designed specifically to appeal to a Little League audience, but those days have come and gone—the last few editions have given us standard uniforms.


New Era treated us to a whole new set of batting practice caps, and they absolutely nailed the assignment. For 2024, the batting practice caps were separate from the Spring Training caps (which you can see here), giving us two epic collections of new on-field caps.

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The batting practice caps are a collection of retro and modern logos, with a few alternate marks and even an appearance by the Philly Phanatic!

What about Batting Practice jerseys, you ask? Well, those are no longer a thing. Players can warm up wearing any of their existing locker room gear, and there are plenty of options.


Moving on to our team-by-team recap, the switch to the Nike uniform template resulted in many minor tweaks and such (of course, we cover them all here). This doesn’t mean we weren’t without major changes; we saw a few clubs make some big uniform moves! These are mixed in, along with some new jersey ads and a few new anniversary and memorial sleeve patches.

The team-by-team list below is presented in alphabetical order. If a team isn’t listed, that means they’re not making any changes that I’m aware of. So, with that, we begin with a bang!


The Arizona Diamondbacks lead things off with the biggest overall change of the 2023-24 offseason. A new primary logo, four new uniforms, new colours, new caps, and the return of a classic!

First, the logo:

The “A” logo, which has been around since D-backs day one, continues into 2024 in its third colour scheme. The new Arizona Diamondbacks logo, shown above with Sonoran Teal (previously referred to as “Turquoise”), was first introduced in time for the 2016 season but had been used as an alternate, overlooked in favour of a version featuring Sonoran Sand.

The uniforms certainly retained some elements from 2023, but each one was tweaked in one way or another.

The home uniform is now “Sail White” (or cream) instead of regular old white, with black piping down the front on either side of the buttons and on each sleeve, and the “A” logo is on the upper left chest. Coming back from 2023 is the snakehead logo on the sleeve. This jersey can be paired with any of the caps in their rotation (as seen from the first photo in this section) but is paired with the red lid in their style guide.

On the road, the “ARIZONA” wordmark is now red trimmed in turquoise and includes piping down the front. It is paired with a sharp new black cap with the old “D-Snake” logo.

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As before, there are two alternates—one black and one red. The black top keeps the same construction but swaps sand for turquoise and adds the piping down the front. The red does the same while also displaying the full name of the team across the front—the first time the Diamondbacks have worn a “Diamondbacks” jersey since the early years of the franchise.

We dive more into the changes to the Arizona Diamondbacks logos and uniforms for 2024 in our coverage from the unveiling here.


Down in Atlanta, the big change this year is their navy blue alternate jersey. The grey/silver piping is gone and replaced with red. If social media is any indication (and really, should that be a reliable indication of anything?), Braves fans are unhappy about this change. Personally, I think it looks better, but then again, this isn’t 1991; TBS isn’t included in my cable package anymore, so I don’t have a Braves game on my TV every weekend.

The Braves are among the many to be hit with a semi-universal uniform change in 2024: the shifting of sleeve striping from just off the cuff to directly at the cuff. This change affects the Braves’ home whites and road greys.

Another change you’ll see several times throughout this post is that the MLB logo, on the back of the jerseys up by the neck, has been moved from inside the piping down outside the piping in between the shoulders across all four Braves jerseys.


The Baltimore Orioles, like the Atlanta Braves, are moving their sleeve striping from an inch off the cuff to the cuff — you’ll see this on their home whites, road greys, and alternate orange sets.

I’m hoping the Orioles continue to wear a memorial patch for Brooks Robinson. The Orioles legend died at the end of the 2023 season, and the team only wore a patch for him for eight games (including the Postseason)—he certainly deserves a full season. We’ll also likely see a patch for Orioles owner Peter Angelos, who died earlier this week.


Speaking of memorial patches, the Boston Red Sox will remember former pitcher Tim Wakefield with a navy blue heart-shaped patch on their sleeve, which includes Wakefield’s number 49. The heart shape is due to Wakefield’s work with Red Sox charities.


Here’s a long-overdue change: The Chicago Cubs have removed the registered trademark “®” symbol from the Cubs logo worn on the front of their home white pinstripes. The Cubs were the only team in the league to make a note to the world, on-field, that they indeed owned the rights to their name and logo.


Remember the “Mr. Redlegs” jersey the Reds wore during Spring Training the last few years? Well, that’s now an official alternate uniform available to the club during the regular season. This, plus the home whites, road greys, and scripted “Reds” red alternate, fill up the club’s allotment of four uniforms. And yes, the black “City Connects” return.

Count the Reds in among the clubs shifting piping down to the cuff, they’re doing so on their road greys.


No significant changes to the Guardians uniforms this season (the piping around the collar is a little thicker thanks to the new Nike Vapor jersey), but fans will want to look out for the team’s new City Connect uniform that will be coming out in the next three months.


Farewell (officially) to the Rockies black vests. Could this have been a victim of the limitations of the new Nike uniform cut? Maybe. But the reality is that the Rockies actually stopped wearing the uniform over two years ago.

Colorado and the Chicago Cubs are the only two teams in the Major Leagues to NOT use up all four of their (non-City Connect) uniform slots. Colorado has just its home whites, road greys, and purple alternates.


Yes, the Detroit Tigers have four uniforms in 2024, as they welcomed their Spring Training home and road sets into their official uniform collection. Note, they’re specifically designated as “Spring Training,” so there’s little chance they will actually wear them during the regular season.

The Tigers are among the many who will unveil a City Connect uniform between now and the All-Star Break.


Like a few others, the Houston Astros are shifting the MLB logo on the back of their home, road, and orange jerseys from inside the piping to outside the piping.


We really need some sort of league-instituted policy on making sure advertisements match the team’s overall look to some degree. The Kansas City Royals become one of the worst offenders of this with their giant bright red “QT” advertisement logo patches, which are new for 2024.


The Los Angeles Angels, low-key, made a slew of unusual (not bad, just… why?) changes for 2024, most of which involve adding or removing trim and drop shadows to the numbers and wordmarks.

Try to follow along…

On the home whites (see above), we’re adding white trim and a silver drop shadow to the numbers on the front of the jersey only.

On the road greys (see below), there is a similar change to the front numbers, but also, a new silver drop shadow is added to the “ANGELS” wordmark arched across the front.

The alternate reds remove the silver drop shadow from the numbers *on the back* of the jersey while bumping the white/silver/white striping around the necks right up to the collar and the sleeves right to the cuff.

In the photo below, you’ll notice I’ve highlighted the MLB logo on the back. That’s because the Angels have swapped the colours around from blue/white/red to red/white/blue. This change is across the board for the Angels; you’ll see it on all their jerseys and caps.

As far as I can tell, the Angels haven’t officially acknowledged that a throwback uniform is being added to their set… However, the signs are clearly there. Not only does the team have a “Throwback Week” listed in their promotional schedule from July 25 to August 1, but they also are selling the below cap as an “On-Field Alternate hat”

In retail speak, this means it’s an alternate cap, part of the club’s regular rotation, and filling the Angels’ fourth spot in their uniform carousel. The design is based on the style worn by the team from 1972 to 1988 when they played as the California Angels.


The royal blue “Los Dodgers” City Connect uniforms are gone, much to the delight of many. However, this doesn’t mean the Dodgers will be without a blue jersey—those uniforms they wore during Spring Training (see Shohei in the photo above) have been added to the rotation as an alternate uniform. A new City Connect uniform is on the way, and it will be revealed between now and July.

If you notice a giant blue and white diamond with a “G” on the Dodgers’ sleeves this season, it’s an advertisement (at least the colours match) for Guggenheim.


Count me in as one of the many who are pretty happy that the Miami Marlins have decided to get a little more colourful in 2024. With an identity such as theirs, playing in a city known for its bright neon lights, it never made sense to me for them to wear black on black.

Like a breath of fresh air, the Marlins will have a new light blue alternate jersey with “Marlins” across the front in black for the upcoming season. This is a welcome addition to an otherwise uninteresting collection of uniforms.

But that’s not all. The black alternate uniforms are getting upgraded as well! The never-made-sense black-on-black “Marlins” scripted wordmark is simply swapping black for white; this change also applies to the player’s name and numbers on the back. Instant glow-up!


On the road greys, the Milwaukee Brewers are shifting their sleeve striping right down to the cuffs. Ho hum.


The Minnesota Twins made the biggest change last season, so it’s no surprise that their set is staying the same. There will be some newness this season, though. They will introduce their first City Connect uniform sometime in the first half of the 2024 season.


The New York Mets have updated their alternate black jerseys and caps for 2024 — the white trim around the wordmark, numbers, and “NY” cap logo are all gone and have been replaced with orange. The drop shadow has been removed entirely (it’s for the best).

The Mets will also remember former Met Bud Harrelson with a memorial patch showing his number 3 on a black diamond with his nickname “BUDDY” within it. This patch will be worn above the Mets logo on the jersey sleeves.

A new uniform is also coming to Queens in 2024; the Mets will introduce their first City Connect set sometime before the All-Star Break.


After 50 years, it’s good to shake things up a little. The New York Yankees are eliminating the white trim around the “NEW YORK” wordmark across the front of their road grey jerseys, sleeve striping, and player numbers on the back. This makes the Yankees look similar (but not the same) to what they wore on the road, from Ruth and Gehrig in 1931 to Thurman Munson and Bobby Murcer in 1972.


The Oakland A’s join the New York Yankees as the only two teams that will NOT have a City Connect uniform when the second half of 2024 begins.

Oakland will make a slight change to two of their uniforms this season, both their Kelly green alternate and their gold alternate (yes, it still exists despite not being worn since 2018!) will shift the sleeve striping down to be directly at the cuff.


Farewell to the chain-stitching on the Phillies wordmark logo across their home, road, and cream alternate jerseys, replaced with a plain, flat (i.e. less interesting) logo. Boo.

The Phillies sacrificed their red alternates to the Nike Gods to comply with the four-plus-one uniform policy. The powder blue retros survived, and a new City Connect uniform will be revealed in 2024.


The San Diego Padres will remember team owner Peter Seider with a memorial heart-shaped patch on the front of their jerseys this season. The gold patch shows Peter’s initials “PS” in brown.

San Diego also commemorates the 20th season playing at the beautiful Petco Park with a special sleeve patch. This patch will replace the “Swingin’ Friar” logo on their home pinstripes only; the other five uniforms in the Padres’ set will not feature the Petco 20 patch.

“What’s that?” I think I heard you say, “The Padres will have *six* uniforms in 2024?!”

Yes, that’s right. The Padres have somehow gotten away with having five regular uniforms plus their one City Connect this season: home whites, road browns, alternate grey, alternate camo green, alternate camo brown, and City Connect. If I had to guess, they sought permission to continue honouring those two military branches with the two similar but different camouflage uniforms and received it. But again, that’s just a guess.


In San Francisco, the Giants will have a different jersey advertisement. General Motors has slashed its Cruise budget as its self-driving electric car faced some concerning safety reviews during the off-season. Instead, they’ll advertise Chevrolet, noting the logo’s highlighted “EV” keeps that electric car theme going. And yes, a black and orange colour scheme for the ad—take notes Toronto and Kansas City.

The Giants also shift the MLB logo outside the piping on their road greys, alternate orange, and alternate black jerseys.


Seattle is doing the MLB logo shift, moving the logo to the outside of the piping on their home whites, alternate cream, and alternate Northwest Green jerseys. That doesn’t mean the road blues are escaping change; the player names on the back of the jerseys will now be in the standard block font rather than the custom font the club has been using on this set.


The Cardinals are doing the MLB logo piping jump on their two alternate tops; they’ll also unveil a City Connect uniform sometime between now and July.


The most exciting change to Tampa Bay this season is the upgrade to Tropicana Field’s turf! The Rays will play on a more realistic-looking surface with fake lawn mowing lines throughout. Looks good!

As for uniforms, the Rays are doing the MLB logo hop on the piping on their home whites, alternate navy blues, and alternate powder blue jerseys. They’ll also introduce a City Connect uniform sometime in the first half of the season.


It took over 60 years, but the Texas Rangers franchise finally won its first World Series last year. They’ll note that they did this by wearing a gold-trimmed uniform for their first few home games in 2024, along with a 2023 World Series Champions patch on the sleeve.

As far as I can tell, the Rangers will not wear this World Series Champions patch beyond these opening few games.

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Regarding commemorative patches, the Rangers are hosting the 2024 All-Star Game this year. This will be noted by a patch on the side of their cap showing the 2024 MLB All-Star Game logo, but, again, I see no hint that this will be worn on their jersey sleeves (gotta save room for that advertisement, I guess!)

The Texas Rangers style guide shows the club has changed its primary logo from the roundel baseball logo to simply the “T” logo worn on their caps; this guide shows the roundel logo remains a secondary logo. This has happened many times in recent years across the league; we saw it when Minnesota switched to the “TC” logo as its primary brand in 2023.

It’s unclear if the Rangers will actually shift their focus to the “T” logo as if it were a primary or if this is more of a change only to its official designation, as we saw with Cleveland for a few years in the 2010s before the outright elimination of the Wahoo logo. Either way, you’ll probably only ever encounter this change in the Texas Rangers section of SportsLogos.Net (and the various others who just copy/paste the site as their own).

Finally, in “BREAKING NEWS,” the Texas Rangers announced this afternoon that they will wear an advertisement for Energy Transfer on their uniform. The patch will be blue and white, with the colours flipped on the royal blue alternate jersey.


Like the Philadelphia Phillies, the new Nike jersey has killed off a neat feature on the Toronto Blue Jays uniforms. The puffy 3D Blue Jays logo that had been on the front of their home, road, and alternate jerseys is gone, replaced by a fairly weak, flat version of the same. Boo.

At the start of the 2024 season, the completion of the multi-year renovation of the Rogers Centre will also be seen. Over that time, we’ve seen new turf, dimensions to the field, a new scoreboard, new wall colours, and a change from the bright royal blue seats of the 1980s to new navy blue ones throughout. Check it out:

Like a few others, the Toronto Blue Jays will unveil a City Connect uniform in 2024. Rumours and hints from the team suggest this uniform will be revealed in May.


The Washington Nationals surprised us with a few new uniforms in 2024, releasing a pair of new looks in January (while I was having lunch out with my family, I still tapped away at the table on my phone to get the post up for y’all!)

We’ve got a new white pullover alternate jersey (above) with navy blue sleeves and the club’s Capitol dome “W” logo on the upper left corner.

We also saw a new road grey uniform from Washington, replacing the scripted red “Washington” wordmark with an arched block version in navy blue. This decision is a bit confusing, as the club finally just matched the jersey logos across their entire set with similar “Nationals” and “Washington” logos throughout along with the scripted-W cap logos.

In the graphic above, you’ll note the Nationals have also eliminated the player numbers from the front of their home white and alternate navy blue jerseys. The red alternate jersey is also gone, which is another decision I don’t agree with. Honestly, I’ve gotta call it a downgrade overall with these two changes for 2024.

A new “DC” alternate logo has been introduced; you’ll see it on the sleeve of that new pullover alternate uniform.

Washington has announced that their grey Cherry Blossom City Connect uniform, first introduced in 2022, will be retired following the 2024 season.

And that’s all! Hope you enjoyed. If I made a mistake, please let me know in the comments! Play ball!

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